Adding a Personal Touch

It’s so easy to get lost in your Pinterest dream wedding board that you forget to consider YOUR style. The last thing you want your guests to feel, is that your reception didn’t reflect you as a couple.  Personal details are what leaves a lasting impression on the loved ones who shared your day with you.  So whether it’s a special thank you note on your menu card, incorporating  your favorite meals into your menu, using your favorite team’s colors as your wedding colors (tastefully of course) or a fun and thoughtful favor, just remember a little goes a long way!


Food Does Matter

I know what your thinking, of course your catering company is going to tell you food is important. But, guess what? It really is! How many weddings have you been to that you can remember the centerpiece that sat on your table? Even though it can help in creating your overall look, how many do you really remember? Now, think about a wedding you attended that the food was a huge disappointment. I bet you can remember exactly what you had ,and exactly what you wish you hadn’t! Guests are easily impressed by quality food with a beautiful presentation. They are even more impressed  by an element of surprise like a late night snack or a unique seasonal menu.


Don’t Overdo It!

Keep it simple! I’m not saying don’t go all out with your décor! But remember less is more! There is a fine line between beautiful and cluttered. There are so many times I’ve looked at a tablescape and thought to myself   “this would be so much prettier without …”  Let the true design elements shine! Try mixing a short, medium, and tall centerpiece to add visual interest to the room! It can also be a great way to save $$$!


What’s Most Important To You?

Everyone has some sort of budget. Determine what yours is in the very beginning stages of the planning process. And, stick to it! From there decide what things are most important to YOU! Do you love to dance? Spend a little extra on your favorite band! Are you foodies? Have us design a custom menu just for you! Are you artists? Have someone there to capture a painting of your first dance! The list goes on and on! You will feel so much better about your special day if you are true to yourselves.


Don’t forget to…ENJOY!

Of everything you just read, THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! Do not get so caught up in the stress of everything being perfect that you forget to enjoy yourself! You spend so much time, energy and money planning this once in a lifetime event. Be sure to take a deep breath the moment you wake up that day and promise yourself to deeply enjoy every single minute. Sure there might be a few things that don’t turn out EXACTLY how you envisioned. But, most of the time the only person that will notice is you.


Written By:Stacey Rzonsa Owner/Director of Events at Blue Wolf Events & Catering